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Page 5 - Preface

Couv mon paradis sur terre anglais

Naturism and culture, a delicious flavor of freedom.

Freedom of body, freedom of mind.

When Guy, our Vice President had the idea to open our little paradise for culture, I immediately realized the opportunities and possibilities our project would open to our club and our 200 members.

This is the reason why we will make our naturist paradise an artist’s residence for one whole month. This means that an artist will have the opportunity to stay at our territory to be inspired by our philosophy of naturism as well as by the beauty of our site.

Thereafter an exhibition of the artist‘s creations will be organized which will give all the members as well as – and this is very important – every person and the media the possibility to participate in this special event. We hope that this idea to combine naturism and culture will be followed by a lot of other naturist places with the support of our association.

This perspective is extraordinarily attractive as it combines naturism much more with opening up the spirit and enjoy the well-being, especially in our stressful times. This presence of an artist for one month will take place every year. This project will be fully supported by our committee as well as myself. The first step on the way is this interactive brochure.

The President of the CGA

Gérard Dehaye

Page 6 & 7

The gates to paradise.

P6 petite

Only after passing the big gate you really realize what is hidden behind.

Not less than 5 hectares of a wonderful hilly terrain with orchards.

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Page 8

The Centre Gymnique d’Alsace – CGA Wasselonne – is a naturistic leisure area with a wonderful hilly terrain with orchards which exists already since 1966 on the edge of Wasslonne. The terrain is partly bordered by an old quarry, from which the sandstone blocks for the construction of the Strasbourg Minster originate. The CGA is affiliated to the Fédération Francaise Naturisme, which in turn is affiliated with the Fédération Naturiste Internationale.

Over the years, the site has evolved so that its current appearance and furnishings are as follows:

  • 5 hectares of land with meadows and orchards
  • Swimming pool 7 x 15 meters
  • Cchildren's swimming pool
  • Beach volleyball area
  • Boule area
  • Fully equipped clubhouse
  • Shared shelter with tables and benches
  • Oven for Flammkuchen
  • Children's playground
  • Sanitary facilities, cold and warm water, showers and toilet
  • Space for disposal of chemical toilets
  • Closed parking, shady and free
  • Motorcycle parking

Page 9

From April to October, young and stayed young members of the CGA come here to relax for a few hours or even several days, to enjoy nature undisturbed - in the spirit of naturism. Between 15 June and 31 August the CGA also welcomes vacationers of all nationalities.

All 66 spaces for caravans or tents are equipped with electricity

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Definition: Naturism means living in harmony with nature, which is expressed by being naked together. The aim is to respect oneself, one's next and nature.

Page 19

Even our little ones will not be forgotten at the CGA. Driving is prohibited on the whole terrain (except for setting up caravans or tents).

The children can develop freely in complete safety and use all the facilities. Also games and toys are at their disposal: swings, sandpit, paddling pool and swimming pool (under the supervision of an adult), tricycles and scooters etc.

P19 petite

The CGA is also a paradise for children.

Page 28 to 30 - Epilogue

Since I had the pleasure of discovering naturism at the age of 17, I have never stopped practising and promoting this art of living whenever I have the opportunity.
Even though deep down I knew that this lifestyle was for me, this first experience was a real revelation, far beyond anything I had imagined.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to visit many different places, both in Alsace and in Germany, in search of the one that would best correspond to my idea of the naturist spirit.
Naturism is not simply the fact of being naked in the middle of nature, on the banks of a river, or on a beach, it is much more subtle than that!
Naturism is a philosophy, it is respect for others and for nature, but it is also solidarity, mutual aid, acceptance of differences, tolerance, and so on...

So, at the chance of an open day, I had the opportunity to discover this unique and absolutely magical place which is the subject of this booklet: the Centre Gymnique d'Alsace in Wasselonne!
I was immediately struck by the beauty of the place, by the calmness that reigned there and by the serenity that emanated from it.
Moreover, the welcome I received, both from the person who showed me around and from the members present on that Saturday in May, a gentle inter-generational mix, was most warm.
In less time than it takes to say it, my decision was made, I joined this association which was created in 1966, the year I was born: a sign.

As a self-taught multidisciplinary designer, I wanted to create this interactive booklet to help people discover this place that is particularly dear to my heart, by presenting it to as many people as possible through different facets of my creativity.
This booklet is interactive because the QR code it contains takes you to a website that offers translations of the various texts in three languages (German, English and Dutch), as well as numerous additional photos and some videos. This interactive part is also evolving, as it will continue to live and grow over the weeks and months, well after the publication of the "paper" version, so do not hesitate to come back regularly.


But the most important thing, which you won't find in any book or on any website, is the unique sensations provided by our way of life, because, as I like to say: Naturism cannot be explained, it has to be lived!
Only then can you feel the happiness of being free of all constraints, of feeling the elements, the air, the sun, the water, caressing every inch of your skin. For example, anyone who has never tried it cannot imagine how much freedom and well-being you get from simply swimming without a swimming costume.

To this end, the Centre Gymnique d'Alsace opens its doors to you every year, on the occasion of the Whitsun weekend, as well as on World No-Shirt Day (the first Sunday in July). It is also possible to visit the grounds by appointment, or even to spend a "discovery" day there.
Who knows, maybe we'll have the pleasure of meeting there when you visit...

I would like to thank all the people who participated in this project by posing for the various photos, as well as Hans, Linda and Torsten, for the translations in the interactive part!

Naturist greetings.

Guy François

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Seite 32

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At the very end of Rue des Pommiers in Wasselonne there is a green area with hilly orchards that stretches over 5 hectares.

After passing the big gate, the visitor directly feels closer to the garden of Eden than to our normal civilization. The reason why you feel so close to paradise may be the fact that everyone is naked like Adam and Eve. The author of this interactive brochure wants the viewer to discover this idyllic place through his texts, photos and videos. The name of this place is Centre Gymnique d'Alsace, a naturist campsite with 66 camping spaces, which can be found here already since 55 years.